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Rivers Casino Bonus Code 2018

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There are two key Rivers casino bonus code promotions available to members of the online casino. The first and biggest is the 100 in free virtual credits when you register, which lets you have fun and try new games, to get a feel for the site. The second is a free-credits bonus when you download the app, with $5 available to play on the slots.

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Rivers Casino Bonus Code

Rivers Casino is one of Pennsylvania’s biggest gaming establishments, providing members with a luxurious venue, dining & drinking, and an upcoming hotel. Based in Pittsburgh, this site also operates an online casino, providing members with a selection of high-quality games to play at home or on the move.

The game selection is split between video slots and classic slots. The former is packed with dozens of titles, including well-known licenses as well as original ones, all developed by some of the biggest software companies in the industry. Such games as Playboy and Monopoly spin-offs are available to play, though you need to reach a certain level before you gain access. This level-based progression system provides you with an incentive to keep coming back again and again, gaining more XP to unlock new games.

As well as this, you’ll also receive virtual credits which you can use to access new games. You can also spend real money on virtual credits (just like buying chips in a brick-and-mortar casino, adding more authenticity to the experience), which are only usable inside the online casino.

There’s also an app you can download for Android and iOS devices, which has the full catalog of games available. Read on to find out more about revealing your bonus code.

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Rivers Online Casino Bonus Code

Rivers Casino is a brick-and-mortar gaming venue based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It had its big opening in August 2009, and is a thriving establishment with more than 2,800 games to be played on the premises. Aside from the casino itself, it offers additional entertainment options, including dining and events (as many casinos do through bingo, dancing etc.).

As with any casino, Rivers Casino caters to new and existing members with a broad variety of Rivers Casino bonus code 2018 promotions; these vary in size and scope, though they all give you a little something extra for your money. Some act as incentives to take action (such as the free $5 you receive for downloading the Rivers Casino app), while others revolve around taking part in tournaments.

Bonus Type:Bonus Description
Registration BonusReceive $100 free virtual credits for signing up
Download BonusReceive $5 free for downloading Rivers Casino app
Minimum DepositN/A
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Rivers Casino also caters to members online, providing you with a website loaded with traditional games. This offers two different ways of playing, either for free or with virtual credits which can be purchased for real money. Listed on the main site under Play4Fun, this online section features two key bonuses – a substantial welcome promotion, and the aforementioned app-promotion.

The biggest Rivers Casino bonus code 2018 gives you $100 free virtual credits when you register with the site. This is an extensive amount of virtual money with which to explore the variety of games available.

When you download the app to your device (smartphone or tablet) you can claim a free $5. This Rivers online casino bonus code credit can be used to play the slots games, which include both video-slot and classic-slot titles.

Both bonuses ensure newcomers to Rivers Casino’s online section feel valued and have real incentive to invest time into discovering the range of games available.

Rivers Casino

Other Promotions at Rivers Casino

As well as these two new-player Rivers Casino bonus code 2018 offers, you can also take advantage of other promotions at Rivers Casino.

For players who like to visit the brick-and-mortar venue in person, there are various promotions available, such as tournaments. For remote-players, though, you can try the Email Subscriber offer, which gives members of the Rush Rewards Players Club free entry into contests and special offers. There’s also a draw every Friday morning for members visiting the Rivers Casino Facebook page; win the contest, and receive $25 in free slots play.

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Rivers Casino Play4Fun

The Rivers Casino Pittsburgh Play4Fun site is the online-gaming section, with slots games for players who want to try the latest video-slot titles and more classic ones alike.

Whether you want to play for free or buy virtual credits, you can, and potentially unlock more games to play in the future. There are no payouts in the traditional sense, but all winnings may be redeemed to play on and on. Along with the Rivers online casino bonus code, being able to buy virtual credits makes the gaming experience feel more authentic (given the similarities to buying chips).

You also receive XP (experience points) as you play through games, and as your XP levels rise, you’ll achieve new levels. Players with increasing ranks also have increasing access to the games catalog, rewarding your playing with … well, more playing.

You can either play Rivers Casino’s online games on your desktop computer, laptop, or mobile device, depending on your preferences. This is incredibly advantageous, as you can stay connected with the Rivers Casino brand and experience at any time, any place.

There’s also a strong sense of community and competitiveness, thanks to the online leaderboard. Different trophies are awarded to players dependent on where you place – gold for First, silver for Second, bronze for Third.

Though not at all unique to Rivers Casino’s site, this is nevertheless a fun, engrossing aspect that encourages you to keep playing on and on, to boost your standing in the leaderboards. This is a great addition to the Rivers Casino bonus code 2018 offers.

As you progress, you’ll see new, exciting games unlocking for you. For example, certain titles only become available at level 10, or at level 13, or even at level 850. The higher-leveled games are certainly attractive, and motivate you to keep boosting your XP.

Rivers Casino Play4Fun

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What Video Slot Games are Available at Rivers Casino Online?

There are dozens of video slot games available, from some of today’s leading developers – but not all are available immediately.

The first game you have access to is Jungle Wild. This is a colorful, fun video slot title with a jungle theme, and once you’ve tried this, you gain access to other games. One of the first is Kronos, themed around Ancient Greece and its classical mythology; while video slot games tend to feature much of the same core gameplay, their wildly diverse themes keep each one feeling unique.

Other video slots you can expect to play are Brazilian Beauty (at level 5), Cash Wizard (level 13), Forbidden Dragons (level 10), OMG! Puppies (level 17), Rome & Egypt (level 25), Monopoly Party Train (level 51), Mystical Unicorn (level 60), and Fire Queen (level 65).

As you can see, there’s some real variety in this collection, and it keeps increasing as you rise through the levels.

At level 80, you’ll unlock Queen of the Wild, and then Raging Rhino (level 100), Jungle Wild II (level 110) Jackpot Comet (level 160), Kiss (level 500), and Playboy (level 850). Think that has to be the highest level? No – it keeps on climbing, provided you’ve got the skill. Cirque Du Masquerade is available at level 900, and Quick Hit Black & White 7s is unlocked at level 50001.

There’s a staggering amount of progression available, and given you can play for free, it brings an extensive casino experience into your own home. New games are unlocked every five levels.

Video slots are preferred by countless gamers across the globe because of their slick, polished visuals, smooth performance, sound effects, and often 3D animations – all of which bring more character and excitement.

Rivers Casino Games

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What Classic Slot Games Can You Play at Rivers Casino Online?

Classic slot games at Rivers Casino are structured in a similar progression-style as their video counterparts, with different virtual machines awarded to you as you rise higher and higher. You can play AfterShock, Black & White Double Jackpot, Eternal Fortune, and Monopoly Luxury Diamonds. Other games are promised to be added soon, too.

Classic slots feature a much more traditional style, with a familiar presentation ideal for players who want to re-live the fun of land-based casinos.

Though the level progression isn’t (yet) quite as high in this category as in the video slots section, you still need to boost your XP to unlock new games, with some as high as level 50. Though they all have the similar classic-slot presentation, each has a distinctive theme, with its own colors, sounds, and more.

What is the Rivers Casino App?

The Rivers Casino app lets you play the Play4Fun catalog of games on your mobile device, available for download on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

Downloading it onto a tablet (with a screen of around five- or seven-inches) will enable you to enjoy bigger graphics and more spacious layouts; you’ll be able to tap icons and navigate the screen far easier, with less risk of hitting the wrong ones. With tablets also having (generally) stronger processors, the games’ performance will likely be faster, smoother, and more impressive overall. You also activate the Rivers online casino bonus code when you download it.

However, installing it onto a smartphone will still provide a high-quality gaming experience, featuring dozens of games and full access to your account. You can play either video slots or classic slots, picking up right when you left off on your desktop or laptop computer, increasing your XP further and further.

The beauty of an app is the sheer unbridled freedom they provide, and Rivers Casino has made considerable effort to make this a comprehensive casino on the move.

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What are the Rivers Casino Virtual Credits?

Rivers Casino allows you to play for free, or buy virtual credits with real money to unlock new games. You can also receive credits by boosting your XP, so you can still progress if you don’t want to invest any real funds into your gaming.

The virtual credits are an effective, efficient method of giving you spending money in a simple way, and while they have no value outside of Rivers Casino’s online casino, they help to increase the feel of achievement. You can use your virtual credits however and wherever you play, spending them seamlessly across your desktop computer and your mobile devices.

Which Payment Methods can I Use at Rivers Casino?

When you decide to buy virtual credits to spend at Rivers Casino, you have numerous payment methods to choose from. You can use some of the more popular platforms, as well as less familiar ones.

Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, Discover, JCB, and American Express are all accommodated, catering to a large scope of players. The more payment methods are on offer, the more people are likely to be able to play, and with Visa & MasterCard accepted, Rivers Casino is accessible to potentially millions of members.

If you have any questions or queries, you can contact Rivers Casino by email, or you can submit a ticket. In order to do this, you have to log into your account, and then you’ll receive help from a support agent. It’s not the most comprehensive of customer-service options (without a phone number, operating hours, or address in the online-gaming section) but help is provided nonetheless.

As you can see, Rivers Casino is a prestigious venue with a wealth of entertaining and gaming options for members, and the online casino provides you with a variety of games, across video and classic slots. The progression system ensures you get to unlock new games and achieve rewards, for a real sense of achievement.

Want to try Rivers Casino’s online gaming venue? You can take advantage of the free 100 credits when you register, and receive $5 of free spins when you download the mobile app. Visit Rivers Casino now to get your Rivers Casino bonus code 2018!

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